Leadership in Business Success

January 4, 2023

Indisputable evidence points to the importance of leadership in ensuring business success. The great leaders that create great businesses are not “born”. What are the reasons? True leadership comes from learning. It is not an instinctual process. Great theorist, M. Bass, suggested the Bass Theory of Leadership (1989-1990). He claimed that there are three theories for leadership.

The Trait Theory is a theory that certain personality traits could lead people to leadership roles. Great Event Theory, which suggests that someone may rise to the occasion after a crisis or other important event. Third, the Transformational theory, which claims that people have the ability to become leaders or learn leadership skills. This article is built upon this third theory.

This means that there’s no excuse to pretend you need to wait until you find the leadership traits you want before you can lead, or wait for a crisis situation before you can take over a leadership role. But you can choose to be a leader by learning leadership skills, as the Transformational Theory explains.

You see, all of us are born with leadership potential. It is our responsibility, however, to cultivate, nurture, as well as release it. It will not happen by itself. It takes effort and focus on your part to create it.

A philosopher once suggested that leadership could be described as self-leadership. The five domains outlined above are a clear representation of the process one goes through to become a leader. Leaders cannot be expected to manage others.

Your leadership skills in directing the business’s future like Brandon Long Marketing will make a huge difference in how your business operates today and tomorrow. Warren Bennis, an expert in leadership, stated that A business with little capital can borrow money. One with a poor location can move. But, a company lacking leadership has little chance of survival.

What does leadership mean? What does it mean for a leader to be? What does it mean to be a leader? How do leaders and leadership affect the business or organization? Let’s look at what leadership is. Leadership is an influence relationship between leaders, followers, and people who are committed to making real changes in the world and achieving shared goals.

Leadership is about influence. Influence occurs among people. People intentionally want to see significant changes. Changes reflect the purposes of leaders and followers. A key aspect of leadership is to influence others to join together in a common vision. The leader is one who inspires, motivates, communicates, or energises others to do what they might not want to do.

Leadership plays a significant role in building a profitable business. Leaders are key to success. They are the ones who make it happen. Second, leaders are capable of managing through times and changes—They are vision-driven; they set goals and achieve them; they help organizations get from where they are to where the need to be. And thirdly, leaders are revolutionaries—They face reality and mobilize appropriate resources; they encourage others to do the same; they leave a footprint that cannot be erased.

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