What Qualities Make a Good Leader?

February 21, 2023

When faced with difficult situations, it is vital to provide effective team Brandon Long Marketing Consultant Your team’s perception of you, the leader, is key to your success. Many people would prefer to kill themselves than give a horrible leader everything, only to then see them make things worse for everyone. The key to making a great first impression and building support within the team is confidence, attitude, and method. This article will show you how to correctly position your attitude. I also offer a proven technique for solving problems that will significantly increase your confidence.

Optimists see opportunities in every moment. Pessimists see a similar life as one that is full of difficulties that must be overcome. Optimists see their cups as half full while pessimists see their cups as half empty. You’ve heard it before. I know. Our common belief is that attitude matters. It is crucial to establish your attitude before any other steps can be taken.

That raises questions for any critical mind. But what then? Is it all good? Can the Red Sea be parted so you can get through? It’s not an easy task. While it’s not impossible, it can be helpful. Positive attitudes are a good way to start looking at problems as opportunities. A positive attitude is a key ingredient in turning stress into an exciting challenge. You will find people around you are more likely to smile and offer help when you need it. You may even get someone to go extra miles for you. All of this is good for your success in life.

So what does a good attitude have to do with problem solving? Attitudes don’t do problem solving. They don’t think of the best approach, implement them on a small scale or find the right solution. Though attitudes can impact how we approach life, they cannot change our reality. “If you put the bow on a rabbit it’s still a rabbit,” is a favorite saying of one my dearest friends.

Many years ago, I spoke with a man who hoped one day to become an Air Force Officer. Coincidentally it was the same goal that I was working towards. So we were standing in line to see Project X, an impressive structure. This name was given to an advanced leadership program that is kept secret to this very day. You can google it to see a glimpse of the video, but that is all you will find. Project X tests problem-solving skills within a team environment. My momentary companion was just finishing the course. She could see my excitement and knew that I was looking for the best way to overcome the 20 obstacles I would face with my team.

Here I discovered the opportunity optimization process. The gentleman smiled at me and explained to me that a friend had given him the phrase “Really Great Leaders Examine Several Ideas” in preparation for Project X. It took me about a half-second to realize that he was actually pointing at the headings on the scoring sheet my challenge course’s staff gave me just moments ago. I glanced down briefly to connect the thoughts between the first letter of each word and the bolded category evaluations on the evaluation form (listed low).

  1. What level of awareness does the trainee have for this issue?
  2. How do trainees gather enough data?
  3. How good does the trainee list possible actions?
  4. How do trainees test for success with the courses of action they are likely to follow?
  5. How does the trainee choose the best course?
  6. How do trainees IMPLEMENT and watch?

My new friend smiled when he saw I had figured out the problem and ran off to catch up on his team. While I watched him leave, I thought back to the invaluable advice he had offered. I realized then that I hadn’t even managed a thank you. I still regret that I didn’t say thank you. My team and I were able to overcome the most difficult obstacles, including steel, ropes wood, ropes, rocks, sand, water, and rope. I found these six problem solving steps to be very helpful and continue to use them to my advantage at every opportunity.

These steps will help you solve problems. They will become second-nature after a while. They help you achieve the best outcome from every chance you have.

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