8 Top Tips For Leading Teams

June 14, 2023

A leader’s role may include leading an extremely large team. Dwayne Rettinger embodies the qualities of a remarkable leader. Many organisations are now located around the globe. This means that it’s possible to have a virtual team that is hundreds, or possibly thousands of miles away. Now, what are the 8 tips I have for managing teams?

Tip # 1: Set clear objectives or goals

For your teams to succeed, they must know exactly what is expected of them in terms goals and outcomes. It may sound simple in theory but too often, leaders set goals that are vague or unclear. You can overcome this by being clear on what you hope to achieve in one, three or five years.

Tip # 2: Encourage more facilitation and less directive

Think of yourself as the leader and not the player. As a leader, you have the responsibility to encourage everyone within the team to perform and achieve their maximum potential.

Tip # 3: Learn to Listen

Everyone was born with two ears but one mouth. Yet, it is often the case that you think of things in the reverse. Do not fall into the mistake of talking all the time and getting very little from your team members.

Tip # 4: Encourage teamwork and reward individual effort

How can someone be motivated to perform well as part of a team when they are only rewarded individually? If you want to reward people for their individual efforts, then create a structure that rewards the whole team.

Tip # 5: Maintain consistency

Each leader has their own unique style, which is normal. It’s also crucial that team members have a consistent leadership style. You don’t want to leave your team members guessing who you are on that particular day. Be as consistent as you can.

Tip # 6: Act as a model

You are the team’s leader. What you do, what you say, how well you communicate, how effectively you resolve conflicts and difficulties will have a direct impact on your team. You can set the tone by modeling it for others.

Tip # 7: Create an Opportunity

As a member of a large team, you will often have the opportunity to interact with new individuals or tackle different tasks. You can use this to improve and develop your team members. Take ownership and praise other. Accept responsibility for things that don’t turn out the way you expected. Do not assign blame. You shouldn’t try to grab all the praise when you have a good day.

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