Banjos: How to choose the right one

July 15, 2023

You should take care when buying a new banjo. As with guitars, there are many different types of banjos. It’s best to choose a model with the features you want. Following are some guidelines on choosing the banjo that’s right for you.

Choose a 5-String Banjo

Different types of banjo exist depending on their number of strings. It is possible to buy a banjo with four or six strings, but the five-stringed banjo is the one most often used by newbies. It is so because a 5-string banjo has the same “average” as a four-string. By mastering this you can easily learn to use a six-string.

Try to find the Basic Features

Verify that your 4 string banjo contains all the parts you’ll need. The banjo should include a resonator and wooden rim. It also needs a bronze tone bell ring. It is best to choose a model that comes with its own case, particularly if your intention is to play the banjo in a jam session. A portable electric tuner is also recommended for those who are just starting out. So, you can always tune your instrument at the right time and place. You should be able, however, to tune the instrument manually as you get more familiar with the instrument.

Compare the design and price

The price of a beginner 4 string banjo can range anywhere from $300 and below, depending upon the manufacturer. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a beginner banjo. Once you improve, you will want an even more expensive model. Be sure to pay attention to the style. Some of the banjos available today have a beautiful design and are ideal for jamming. Banjos are available today with excellent designs and are designed specifically for newbies.

Product Reviews

Finally, read product reviews. If you’re buying your banjo for the very first time, this step is vital. Reading reviews will inform you about different benefits of the banjo. It can also tell you how durable and long-lasting it is. The reviews should tell you whether there are other products that are more suitable or if this particular banjo is the best option.

Play it

No matter whether you have experience playing 4 string banjo or not, you should still play any product before you buy it. Reviews online can only provide you with a limited amount of information. You can also visit a local music shop to try different banjos. The item does not have to be purchased from the local music shop, you can just look at it to determine if the product is what you are looking for. If the item is cheaper online, you may want to order it. Even if it is not feasible, product reviews can be consulted as long as they are read carefully. Make sure you check the product’s warranty and return policies. Deering Gibson Hopkins and Gibson are among the top brands available today.

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