Creating Custom TVs

Because I think that the documentation regarding the custom template variables is very poor, I have here once created an example of how such a tv can be created.

In this tutorial, i show, how you can easy combine multible form elements in one single TV.
Based on an EVOLUTION CMS (killer feature) custom template variable :) and jquery.serializeJSON.

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Thank you.
Hint: You can create custom TV type if make file in assets/tvs/yourtvname/yourtvname.customtv.php


    die('<h1>ERROR:</h1><p>Please use the EVO Content Manager instead of accessing this file directly.</p>');

/* document content*/
global $content;
/* TV params there */
global $row;

echo '<textarea id="tv' . $docData['tv_id'] . '" name="tv' . $docData['tv_id'] . '" type="text" onblur="documentDirty=true;">' . $docData['tv_value'] . "</textarea>";

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